Ethnic Celebration Coming in February

Want to share your culture with your fellow community members? Want to eat some amazing food and hear music your ears have yet to have heard? Want something free!?

At the St. Martin’s Pavillion on February 2nd in Lacey, imagine the whole gym filled with warm tasty food, lively music, and free access to cultures of all over the world. Lacey Parks and Recreation’s Ethnic Celebration is almost here again!

I found this video on YouTube, so I’m not sure how old it is, but it gives a pretty good idea of the atmosphere of the Lacey’s Ethnic Celebration. I’ve gone to it the last couple years. Once volunteering through my school and last year performing in it through my Panamanian dance group. It is a great big area and is great for families. You can come and go, and food and vendors are there all day. And different performances are going all day.

This link gives you more information on the event, but it’s a great way to get the community involved and exposed. Who knew Lacey had this much to offer!

Above is last year’s flyer for the cultural fair just so you could get a sense for it, but don’t get the dates or times confused, this was last year’s! I haven’t seen this year’s online yet.


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