Women of Color Empowered Group in Seattle


This link above is to a great blog I’ve found of a group in the Seattle area of women of color that have a bunch of great ambitions. On their website, they have a great mission statement that goes as follows…

“Women of Color Empowered enhances the quality of life for women of all races and backgrounds. Our programs empower women to climb the professional ladder, enhance their networking skills, teach others the value of diversity, help build cross-cultural bridges, develop support groups. We want to inspire women to learn from one another and teaches them how to give back to their communities. The programs celebrate the achievements of women in both non-traditional and traditional jobs.”

This blog has a lot of posts of the progress this group has made and I really like all the little profiles of all the members in this group. There are a lot of tabs on the page of pages that tell readers how to get involved. I was impressed that this group even has its own page on Facebook. I thought the blog had a lot of great posts, but was a little scattered, and didn’t have a central page that it was focused on.

I had to do a little research to get the basics about the group like what they do, where they are from, and who’s in charge. All that information was scattered. It would be better I think to have it all on one page.

Still a very inspiring group that I would love to be a part of someday.


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