Olympia Arab Week Gone and Past

Looking up material for my blog, and a site called Mideast Dynasty.com came up. It seems to be a blog focusing on the news of Middle Eastern hip hop music.  A very unique angle for a blog, but I found it even more interesting that Olympia, Washington came up on this website. No where on the site could I tell that the makers of the site were based in Washington, but Olympia made their news because of an Arab Week back in October of 2012.

Olympia had its first Arab Festival on October 5th-7th of 2012, and some great headliners performing according to this site. A lot went on for this festival including an Arab Cafe and Hookah bar, Arab comedians performing, and a film festival at the Capital Theatre. This site gave all the news on costs and times for all the events, and I can’t believe I had never heard about till almost four months later. Being the first Arab Festival I would’ve thought it had gotten more advertising.

A good article on this blog and I wish more people, including me, had known about it!

A great opportunity to experience all this!:

This event focuses on the diversity and complexity of  Arab people by challenging stereotypes, showcasing Arab arts and performance, and celebrating diversity within our community.”

The reason I’m posting this old event, is just so people can read about what they’re missing and have something to look forward to and be part of next year!

Check out this great site where I got the information: http://www.mideastdynasty.com/?p=9006


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