Polish News Site

I’ve had a hard time finding blogs that post information about spreading awareness of the diversity in Washington state, but starting to find a lot of great sites about different Ethnic groups that are actively posting information about their performances.

This site, http://www.polishnewsseattle.org/index.htm, is devoted to posting relevant news “to the Polish-American community of the Puget Sound area”. The site seems a little outdated with its blog style, and lack of newer media, and not great photo quality. On the other hand the amount of information posted on the site is great! The categories of their posts include current month, subscribe, other news, Polish in Seattle, Jobs & Ads, Polish food & dining, and several more! Basically anything a Polish-American citizen could hope to find. The organization of the site is very clear and easy to read, and not overwhelming with words.

I can’t believe they are able to cover so much with Polish events, churches, and places to eat. They really have thought of everything. I can see a few pointers I could take as far as blogging with just having more categories and covering more ground.

Get all your Polish news here folks!

This site has great information, just check this out–>PolishAncestryWashington

A map of “People of Polish Ancestry By Percentage in Washington”…very interesting.


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