A Great Travel Blog

A blog called “The Well Traveled Postcard”, is about the travels of a very well-traveled girl in deed. While this blog is certainly not local, I thought readers of this blog would still be interested if you love culture at all and just like to read about a different perspective.

This girl has been everywhere and I’m sure I’m not the only one who is a little envious of her life. The blogger, Virginia, has had a lot of travel experience at only 23 years old and made her blog to give insight to living abroad. This girl can speak six different languages and is basically somewhat of an idol of mine. She has an extensive blog that is pretty impressive as well.

I didn’t even know where to start when looking at her blog! She has so much information and posts. A lot of great pictures from her trips as well. A unique thing about her blog is she posts a “Postcard of the Week” hence her blog name. The postcards aren’t necessarily of where she’s traveled that week, but just postcards she comes across via mail or in the store that she takes a certain interest in. I like the idea of a weekly update, for readers to check up on.

Virginia’s blog also seems very ‘reader-focused’. From reading just a few postings she seems humble, and not boasting about her experiences, but just wanting to share her knowledge with others. That is pretty important as any writer, so I really look up to that.

I think this is a great blog overall, definitely worth checking out for anyone wanting to get a little window to the rest of the world!


(Also the picture for the feature image is courtesy of The Well Traveled Postcard blog from one of her posts)


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