Cultural Diversity Study in Washington Cities

This is a reasearch study done by the Washington Campaign to Promote Racial Justice. This study was done “to build a broad base of understanding and support from which cities and citizens can work together for

stronger communities.” I thought it was interesting project, but a noble one and wanted to post it on here since it was local and about diversity awareness.

After reading, it seemed clear, and even stated in the document that most of the data isn’t that substantial. The study includes a rating by percentages of which racial injustices are the greatest, with a graph showing that low minority participation was the greatest problem. I found this study’s explanation for how they got their data somewhat vague and not very convincing, but still good to consider.

I especially found interesting the table of Citizen Involvement in City Leadership Positions, which showed who participated most by different minorities. Whites were dominant in every position from city council to mayor, but there was some minority involvement in almost every position. The research findings stated that city management had the most diverse participation, while the position of mayor was almost 100% dominated by Caucasians. The researchers for this project said companies that had their workers go through diversity training helped address these issues.

A lot more needs to be answered for this study, like what this campaign thought Washington cities needed to do to decrease this problem, what cities were these problems are the worst, and how exactly did they determine these answers objectively. While I thought it was a good effort, I wish the research would have gone about its data differently.

Still a good insight for all Washingtonians!


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