The Lacey Ethnic Celebration was a Big Hit Again!

I saw a glimpse of the big Ethnic Celebration on February 2, just as it was dying down later in the afternoon. Saw two great performances from Our Name is Panama (my old dance group) and also a Turkish dance performance. I am biased about the Panamanian dance group, since I knew all the performers well, but I must say that even for not getting to perform on the main stage and having a much smaller group, their performance was one of the best as far as everything going smoothly with little mistakes. And it was nice to see a good-sized energetic crowd cheering the performers on.

I wasn’t sure how the Turkish dance group would be, never seeing it before myself, but they’re colorful outfits kept my mom and me interested to see how their dance would go. It was a group of older women of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds and who all knew how to use their hips! Their dance was a type of belly dance, and while some may hear that and be either a little uncomfortable or think ooh-la-la, the dance was really neither. It was very appropriate for family audiences but still showed off the ladies’ skill very well, and made me want to learn how to dance like that!

After the performance I had some great flatbread and a drink for about $5 from one of the vendors and took my time looking around at the vendors. So not only was most of the food a good deal, but a lot of the item vendors were selling for good prices as well, mainly the jewelry. There were some beautiful scarves that the young lady selling them said were made right here locally in Western Washington, and as beautiful as they were I wasn’t quite willing to spend $40.00, but I wish I could have! But some other jewelry pieces, each under $10, were really pretty when I bought them.

Here’s a glance at the celebration from The Olympian newspaper

As well as a great picture from the Our Name is Panama Facebook page featuring some of the fashion models in their performance on Saturday.



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