Teaching Abroad

Read this blog to learn the difficulties and adventures of an American teacher, teaching in Spain. This blog, “Guiriabroad” gives the perspective of an American woman in Spain and just noticing the differences. The blogger states “guiri” means foreigner, and writes about what she learns as a traveler in Spain. She posts short, easy-to-read posts frequently. She compares lots of unique aspects of Spanish culture to American culture. Topics like love, music, sports, and food. She calls it “sharing the oddities”. I like her quick easy-to-read posts, but wish she was a little more personable. She has a home and about page that are direct and to the point, but you don’t get much of a sense of who she is, and I don’t think she said her name or what she’s teaching. Still a good blog that answers a lot of simple questions for anyone traveling to Spain. Check out this Blog! http://guiriabroad.wordpress.com/


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