Meet the Traveling Family

The blog 3rdculturechildren gives the “impressions, cultural adjustments, shared stories” of a family of five. This family is in the foreign service and travels for work, and if you don’t know what the foreign service exactly is (like I did), than there’s a little Wikipedia link right on the blog’s about page that tells you what it is.

These parents have traveled to three different countries so far for their job which gives a unique family perspective. Traveling is traditionally encouraged to do before you settle down or after you retire because it’s ‘not as fun’ taking your little kids. But these parents have three little kids under seven and share their struggles and blessings while traveling abroad. Their site is extensive and gives you the basics right off the bat and are easy to find. They tell you where they are living currently, other towns they have lived in, why they are doing this site, and have lots of different ways to contact them.

My two favorite and really unique tabs I think this blog has is a tab at the top titled “Why ‘3rd culture children’?” explaining their blog name. I should have thought of that! . The bloggers explain that this term was coined in the 50’s but has gotten more popular over the years.

It means those “who were born in one country…but have then proceeded to move in the formative years of our development to one or more “foreign” countries… The developing child takes the culture of their parent’s passport country, or their first culture, to a foreign land. In that land, they interact with thousands of individuals who exist within a completely different culture, this being the Second Culture. The result is that the child then adopts the qualities of the Second Culture into their preexisting First Culture, creating a unique cultural perspective known as the Third Culture.”

I loved this definition. We all hope we can get the opportunity to have this kind of exposure, but if not actually traveling, seeing a window into cultures by reading blogs like this one isn’t a bad substitute!

And another really neat aspect of this blog I found, was that they have an option to translate the blog into another language besides English. And there are over 50 different languages it allows you to translate into. What a non-ethnocentric idea and a good move by these bloggers. I wish I could learn how to apply that to my blog…

Lots of great ideas here for bloggers and great material to read for a different perspective and a nice big window for those seeking culture.

*feature picture credit goes to the bloggers of the 3rdCultureChildren site. I believe this picture is from their travels in Bolivia. I especially liked this one with the llama. Here’s the link to this unique blog- Go learn something new about the world!


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