Multicultural Wedding Ideas

Thanks to Pinterest and Lauren Conrad, I found this very interesting blog all about multicultural weddings! I love the way this blog is set up and want to spend a lot more time looking into it, but was anxious to spread the word about it first.

This blog is called “New Generation Bride” and was excellently set up and created by a mother daughter duo. They are very welcoming and you can just tell they have this whole system down pretty well. Everything is set up very simple and cute and they have a little message towards the top that makes them sound so clever that reads “Hello beautiful! Grab a drink and stay for a bit!”. Now what girl doesn’t like to hear that, especially a busy, bustling, stressed out bride?

If you’re thinking of having a mixed traditions wedding or wondering how to do that exactly here are plenty of ideas from these two lady experts. There is a lot of different directions to go on this blog, but I was drawn to the cultures tab. This included wedding ideas for different cultures including; American,  Bolivian, Columbian, Indian, Nigerian, Puerto Rican, Scottish, and Sri Lankan. What a great variety and a good way to look into those different cultures.

I love that this blog  doesn’t want a bride to feel like she to pick one culture, but encourages the bride to incorporate traditions from her family and the groom’s. Get inspired and take a look!

This site has some amazing pictures here are just a few! (the featured picture is also from the New Generation Bride blog)


This first picture above is of an Bolivian-America/Nigerian couple getting married.


 This second picture  is a wedding that mixed Indian and Sri Lankan traditions.


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