Dance and Sing to End Women’s Violence

Amazing story of a movement called “1 Billion Rising”. Imagine a flash mob in 202 countries, including tens of thousands of people, according to CNN news, all for one great cause. CNN reports that the campaign’s name is “derived from a United Nations Statists that 1 in 3 women worldwide, about one billion, will be beaten or raped in her lifetime.”

The movement is for global awareness of the violence happening against women, and as a way for men and women to stand up for each other and let their voices be heard.

A thirty-one Israeli woman reported to CNN that, “she has experienced sexual harassment, along with most women she knows. 1 Billion Rising gave her a safe platform to share her experiences.”

This year the date chosen for the worldwide flash mobs and rallies was Valentine’s Day. What a great way to show support and love for one another by dancing and singing!

So many more videos on YouTube, and plenty on the 1 Billion Rising website here

*Picture from the Spokesman-Review site of an all girls school participating in the violence against women campaign in the Philippines


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