Federal Funding Helps Host Young Leaders from Around the World

What a great thing American’s taxes help pay towards!

“The Northwest Community College Initiative (NWCCI) utilizes funding from the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs to host young leaders from around the world.  Edmonds, Whatcom, and Pierce Community Colleges together have hosted 175 students from Brazil, Cameroon, Costa Rica, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Panama, South Africa and Turkey.

Our goal is to strengthen other societies by developing capable young professionals who will acquire technical and professional skills, leadership abilities, and an understanding of American society, democracy and culture. To achieve these objectives, three community colleges in Washington State host students and provide them with an academic certificate program and cultural  activities and workshops designed to introduce them to aspect of the cultures of the United States and to provide opportunities to share their culture with the college and local community.”

Talk about one jealous community college student here, I wish my community college did and I wish I had known about this years ago!

So this program is basically an exchange student opportunity, with students from different countries being hosted at these three community colleges in the state, and then Washingtonians from those community colleges getting the chance to study abroad.

Now I know many schools have foreign exchange student programs, but the NWCCI sounds like it gives you much more opportunity than just exposure to a new culture. These students are picked to focus on a specific skillset of their dreamjob that they might not have had as much opportunity before in their home country. The NWCII is giving college students a chance to become leaders outside of their comfort zones.

This blog highlights the journeys and challenges these young leaders have had the chance to face. It’s refreshing to hear about so many young people just in this state who have so much initiatve to make a difference. I tip my hats to them and hope more colleges can be a part of this!

Here’s their blog for more info http://northwestcci.com/category/news/


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