Learning to Feel Perfect in My Imperfectness

Get rid of those cellulite bumps. Fix those split ends. Try full body waxing.

All the time, women in particular, are being shown ways to fix their imperfections. It gets to the point where everybody is using this product to hide their flaws, and they forget that women aren’t plastic barbie dolls. We are real people who sweat, grow hair on other places than just our head, and have fat on our bodies. We have all those “flaws” that make us real people but also can do incredible things just like everybody else.

It’s time women stop comparing themselves and always looking for ways to fix their imperfections.
I’ve had problems with jealousy and comparing myself to other women in the past, and one thing I tell myself whenever I noticed myself start to become a jealous green montser is…

No one can make me feel inferior unless I give them permission. I will not let anyone make me feel inferior for just being me.

Reminding myself that I have the power…that I have the control to make what have it of any situation keeps me level headed.

Such a crazy simple thing, that can make all the difference.


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