About Me, the Blogger

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So who is this person taking their time to write to perfect strangers? I may just be one of millions of bloggers, but I there’s a little I can tell you to take away a little mystery from me.

My name is Stephanie Roloff and I’m currently attending South Puget Sound Community College for my second year and will be getting my Associate of Arts degree very soon. Next year I’m planning on transferring to a four year university and majoring in journalism. So thus brings me here to post on this blog because of my love of journalism and my desire to put news out there that I don’t feel like I see enough of in my own surroundings.

I have several articles posted on here that I’ve written for class or from The Sounds Newspaper that I write for, and I also like to share stories and videos of news that I think just needs to be shared with others. And I don’t mean the cute kitten video that warmed my heart, but more like news that I can’t believe isn’t being put on CNN, and so I feel obligated to do my part and shine some awareness on the situation.

This here is a link to my online profile to see more of my endeavors in digital communications projects.

Just a little feel for who I am again…

Here’s an audio recording of a class project we did in my journalism class, about my favorite place on campus and why. Also a picture of me at that favorite place on campus, props for photo to Jade Baker, my fellow journalism partner in class.

fav place photo


One response to “About Me, the Blogger

  1. Hi Stephanie! Saw your comment on my “Get to Know Me” page.
    I’m glad you’re pursuing journalism! I think you’ll love it. I actually graduated in December with a B.A. in journalism and public relations, and am now working at a newspaper. I’m happy with my career choice!
    Good luck with your schooling, and make sure to get involved as much as you can on campus—it’ll help in the future!

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